The Purpose of Wealth - FREEDOM

Updated: May 18

Most people want the freedom to go and come without any worries about someone/something out of their control holding them back. True wealth is having the ability to choose where your time goes. If we can agree on anything, it is that most of our unhappiness comes from the inability to go through life comfortably and unstressed. The sad part is that often times "money" is at the root of this. It's very unfortunate that most people will never escape money problems. Most people will work their jobs 40-50 years hoping that they have acquired enough at the end to take care of them in their older age when having a job is just not an option anymore. Many people struggle financially until the very end, eventually passing down debt to their offspring.

Wealth solves this problem. As long as you take it seriously.

Wealth is not singularly about money. Because it's been a long known fact that money alone can't buy happiness. In fact, money and happiness should not be used in the same sentence. Although most people understand that the more money they may have it eliminates certain stresses in their life, but a proper view of money and wealth will help you to achieve the FREEDOM you really want to achieve. That FREEDOM is what will eventually increase your and your family's ability to become genuinely happy.

The house you have acquired is not wealth, if in order to pay for this house you have to go out into the marketplace and sell your time and energy (labor) in order to pay for this house. Once you distance yourself from the idea of "ownership" and rent it out to someone else, that house immediately goes from a LIABILITY to an ASSET. A portion of true WEALTH is made out of value generating ASSETS.

The fundamental problems we face are food and shelter. Once we have have enough ASSETS generating enough revenue to cover food and shelter, we have to expand it to care for the entire family. When your caring for your basic fundamental issues become predictable, then true FREEDOM is becoming more ascertainable. You cannot afford to work on your mental state if you are consistently worried about how you are going to provide the the basic necessities. Spending your hours by selling them to your employer greatly reduces the time necessary for you to work on the other areas of your life. Wealth creates a predictable set of circumstances, bills are paid, food is on the table and the family can now focus on other areas of their life that will build even greater access to FREEDOM for later generations.


Wealth also gives those who believe in securing it for their families, the FREEDOM/OPPORTUNITY for their family to try new things that they are interested in, passionate about or gifted at and also the room to fail at them. Having the ability to pursue what you are authentically gifted at is the moment that every human dreams about. We don't care about money and all the things associated with it when we have the FREEDOM to do the exact thing we were created to do. Failure is important in life but it shouldn't be the thing that cripples us from continuing on our path to be SUCCESSFUL. For a lot of people walking their authentic path is a dream and not walking in their true self is the subject of the pain they realize in the real world. When they fail and don't have the resources or wherewithal to continue despite adversity, their happiness is compromised and sadness overwhelms them. We have to prevent this from happening in our families. Trying new things and making new discoveries about yourself is what drives you and is one of the things that make life exciting and refreshing. Mix the FREEDOM to explore with the idea that tomorrow is taken care of and you end up with a special type of FREEDOM, the FREEDOM to pursue your PASSION. Pursuing your passions require time and we know that time is valuable. Passions require money, this is one of the reasons creating wealth is important. The quality of life for your family becomes exponentially better when they have the time and money to be exactly who they were created to be without any reservations. The FREEDOM to explore while not being inhibited by the fear of failure

is what keeps us vibrant and full of life. This happiness will create within us a healing vibration, which will keep our trajectory always pointed towards raising successful generations of innovative humans within our family.

This is where the fountain of youth is found, this not only produces happy authentic children, but this ability to explore and to stay creative keeps us FREE from aging rapidly as well.


Wealth allows us to put distance between who we really are and that voice that is constantly bugging us to conform. There exists within us two versions of ourselves, the one that if every door was open in front of us we would figure out a way to investigate every door and the other part of us that is inherently connected to the way society dictates things should be. True wealth is making peace with your mind, being free of that voice, it allows you to not feel the need to impress people. We are not puzzle pieces to fill in the gaps of someone else's picture. We are more like the colors on a canvas, free to be painted by our Creator who lives in each one of us.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. Next week we will discuss LEADERSHIP and outline 10 leadership lessons from your favorite leaders.

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